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Jasmine Mohan Zhu

  • @zhiwu2.0

Jasmine Mohan Zhu is an undergraduate student majoring in Visual Studies and Architecture at the University of Toronto.  She was born and raised in China and moved to Canada seven years ago.  Her artistic focus centers on exploring human relationships and emotions, often intertwining her experiences as a Chinese individual living in a Western country. Through mediums such as photography, digital illustration, and videography, she channels her artistic expression. Jasmine aspires to use her art as a means to introspect on her own identity while shedding light on societal dynamics.

She is also an enthusiastic Makeup Artist!


Undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto (2019- 2023)

Honors Bachelor of Art: Visual Study Major and Architecture Specialist 

Exhibition / Screening

F-O-R-M Vancouver 2023 Film Festivle

My short film PMS: Pepper Menstrual Syndrome is part of the official selection of their Public Screening Program. 


Viewfinder Club 2022 Annual Group Exhibition: Windows and Mirrors ​镜与窗 

One Analog photo 


EYEBALL 2022 Annual Visual Study Exhibition at Daniels Faulty, University of Toronto 

Triplets from course VIS218: Photobased (Digital)

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